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Beer and Wine Area

A great addition in 2016 will continue this year.  We are pleased to announce Bench Brewing Company and Aure Wines will be our signature beer and wine offerings this year.

Check out Bench Brewing Company as they establish their future home in the historic Maple Grove Public School in Beamsville, Ontario.

“Our brewery will be a place for our guests to relax, learn, and experience the craft of brewing beer. Our facilities will be located across eight beautiful acres and will feature a 50hL brewing system, a tap and tasting room, a beer garden, a barrel aging facility, and our very own hops field. Come and visit us in 2017.”


Check out Aure Wines –  “committed to providing attractive wines, while following ethical employment and environmental practices… With sustainability in mind, the building has many energy saving features including passive solar heating and a green roof. Our company follows ethical employment and environmental practises.”